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After sales service

1, warranty years, scope, warranty conditions

We provide the whole machine quality warranty period for one year from the date the customer receives the goods. During the warranty period, if quality problems are found, our company is responsible for repairs and replacements. All costs incurred by this company are responsible for our company: if the problems caused by improper use, our company is responsible for repairs, only the cost of materials.

2. Handling of quality problems:

If the product quality during the warranty period is determined by the authoritative organization to fail to meet the quality requirements, it shall bear the liability for breach of contract according to the contract agreement. Our company will establish a complete maintenance warranty file to provide users with consulting services.

2.1, the company provides an immediate response service, and responds to the supplier's service instruction information within 24 hours according to the supplier's requirements. Generally, the problem is resolved within 48 hours. In case of major problems or other issues that cannot be resolved quickly within one week solve.

2.2, provide timely treatment of other unexpected failures caused by the quality of the equipment itself.

2.3 During the warranty period, all equipment and engineering quality problems found during the unpacking inspection, installation and commissioning, and equipment commissioning and operation of the equipment shall be repaired, replaced, and returned until the product meets the quality requirements. To bear all expenses incurred in repair, replacement and return.

2.4. Responsible for repairing and replacing any damages and malfunctions caused by the quality of the equipment. After the repair, we will report to the user in duplicate, including the cause of the failure, the remedial measures, the time required to complete the repair, and the date of return to normal operation.

3, after-sales service contact information 400-788-9939