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1. Concrete mixing and cooling

Based on expressways, projects such as high-speed rail, tunnels, hydropower, dams, bridges, and hydropower stations are mostly in the construction of large-volume concrete to ensure that cracks do not occur on concrete structures with a large thickness. To improve the quality of the project, it is necessary to reduce the water heating of concrete As well as the pouring temperature, for this purpose, our company introduces advanced foreign technology and equipment. The new-generation industrial chiller equipment for concrete mixing stations developed by engineers can produce low-temperature frozen water to reduce the temperature of the concrete. The concrete temperature can drop below 15 degrees. At the same time, the products of cement, gravel, and yellow sand at a temperature between 20-30 degrees are good in quality and the ambient temperature in summer is very high. The water temperature is also high and is not conducive to mixing. Therefore, a special industrial chiller for the concrete mixing station directly provides 0-10. Chilled water at 0 ° C, or ice-water mixture at 0-2 ° C, can fully meet the requirements of the national standards for quality inspection of concrete cooling for process cooling sources.

2. Tunnel cooling

During the construction of the tunnel, the temperature in the tunnel will exceed 40 degrees, and it cannot be cooled by ordinary fans. At this time, it is necessary to exchange cold water and fans or directly use low-temperature coolers to send low-temperature cold air into the tunnel, so as to meet space cooling.